‘To bear in mind at all times an original, inquisitive,
open-minded, generous and unshockable approach
to art in all its forms with a bias towards the
visual arts.’

This injunction, laid down by the original Trustees of The Elephant Trust, embodies the spirit of its founders, Roland Penrose and Lee Miller, and remains the cornerstone of the Trust’s policy today.

The Trust was set up in 1975 to make it possible for artists and those presenting their work to undertake and complete projects when frustrated by lack of funds. It is committed to helping artists and art institutions/galleries that depart from the routine and signal new, distinct and imaginative sets of possibilities.

The Trustees’ main objective is to support new work.  Given The Elephant Trust’s modest resources, grants have usually been limited to £2,000, but with the addition of the Shelagh Wakely Bequest some larger grants of up to £5,000 may be awarded. Priority is given to artists in the fine arts and small organisations and galleries who should submit well argued, imaginative proposals for making or producing new work or exhibitions.

Not supported:
 Arts Festivals
 Group Exhibitions
 Charities organising community projects
 Educational or other studies
 Residencies or research
 Symposia or conferences
 Projects taking place outside the UK

Applicants are asked to consider these guidelines carefully, as well as the categories not supported, before applying to be sure that their project falls within the remit of The Elephant Trust.  

Registered Charity No 269615
512 Bankside Lofts 65 Hopton Street London SE1 9GZ